For the seven bi-lingual Episcopal schools in Honduras, a need exists to consider exactly what is required to make them world-class schools that are engaged in preparing the students for 21st Century global leadership.  One of the primary ways that these schools will approach this goal is through the implementation of a comprehensive technology plan that will allow the teachers and students to take advantage of the power of the world-wide-web and the vast resources and connection opportunities that it provides.  Therefore, the initial goal is to enhance the technological capacity of each school and provide the teachers with the technological tools to engage students and enhance student learning with the online resources now available.

Currently the Episcopal Schools of Honduras vary widely in their technological capacity.  As a rule, the technology in place in the schools is out of date and inadequate for a 21st Century classroom.  The majority of teachers do not have a school-issued computers to take advantage of the teaching tools available online.  Therefore the goal of this Strategic Technology Plan is to upgrade all of the diocesan schools to a fully modern state with interactive classrooms and hi-speed computing capability as well as provide each teacher with an up-to-date computer.


Current Needs:

Laptop Computers - Cost $500 USD each

Desktop Computers - Cost $400 USD each

Interactive Digital Projectors - Cost $1,300 USD each

Technology Infrastructure* - Cost $40,000 USD per school

Staff Technology Training - Cost $20,000 USD

Other Donations - To be used as needed

*Includes wiring, access points, web servers and routers